Our topics of content now span Beauty, Family, Fitness, Wellness, Home & Style. Our posts will still center on the gorgeous products many of you are producing. Most of them now in the form of segmented features like: Products That Give Back, 5 Must Have Masks, Terrific Textiles, Shopping for Sustainable Fashion, etc. We’ll also be doing a monthly BRAND LOVE post that covers an entire line but said line has to blow our entire team away.
If you would like your or your client’s products to be considered for specific future segments, please SIGN UP BELOW for dedicated emails alerting you of the upcoming content topics. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it simple and sparse to keep your inbox clutter free.

If you’d like to learn more about the many options available for collaborating on posts, how you can incorporate your brand into our content, or any other facet of the new brand and the exciting features and opportunities now available, email us 
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